Getting Support at Flower Pod

Flower Pod is a charity that supports people with learning disabilities in Nottinghamshire.

At Flower Pod you can come to courses and activities every week.

You can

  • Learn about working with flowers and nature
  • Make things to do with flowers like confetti
  • Gain new communication and social skills
  • Keep busy and active and find out how to be healthier
  • Help us grow flowers that are sold to make money for the charity
  • Make friends and have fun
  • Gain new skills to help you volunteer or be more ready for employment

We listen to people with learning disabilities and their families. We try hard to shape our services around people’s needs.

To find out more please call Jane or Tracey on 01636 918271 or e-mail Tracey at

You can also find out more about us on Facebook.

Flower Pod is part of Reach Learning Disability. You can find out about other services at Reach here.