Corporate Volunteering

As businesses work to become more responsible and beneficial to their environment, many choose to donate employees’ time to charitable and community causes.

A list of well-known companies spend their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) days with us, giving their team the chance to get out of the office and into the fresh air at Flower Pod.

Corporate volunteering boosts teamwork and collaboration that lasts as long as the memories of the fun and rewarding days spent with us and our clients. It can also help staff to build positive view of their employer which helps you retain hard-working people. And we benefit from having regular groups of willing and able people on site to help us progress and finish projects.

We can host groups of anywhere between 2 and 50 people, and can organise activities including:

  • willow weaving
  • fence building
  • landscaping
  • clearing ponds
  • laying paths
  • marquee erection and dismantling
  • wreath making
  • confetti-making and floristry
  • building bonfires
  • waste management

Please contact us to arrange your next corporate volunteering day.

Some of the companies who have participated at Flower Pod: